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About the Tachyon Chamber

About the Founder

Dancing Heart Healing is the second act for founder, Harlyene Goss. Harlyene is grateful for having been able to juggle 2 different careers in her previous life. One was 40 plus years working as a medical technologist. The other, Celebrating Life Bookmarks, still gives her much joy in bringing solace and healing to grieving families.

It was a combination of major turning points in her life that put Harlyene on the path she is currently on.

The first was her best friend and husband having a complete personality change and leaving her 3 months later, the day before her 43rd birthday, with “I love you but I am leaving you. I don’t know why but I am out of here.’ As Harlyene learned many years later, there is something called a Walk-in phenomenon. This is where 2 souls agree if certain things happen, the current soul in the body would leave and a new soul would walk in. Not every soul wants to come in as a baby. In Harlyene’s ex’s case, there was a complete personality change, change in habits and even smelling different.

Shortly after that, Harlyene had to leave her career as a lab tech due to an existing health condition, multiple chemical sensitivities. Someone had spilt a weak bleach solution and Harlyene went into anaphylaxis.

It was during this time someone gave Harlyene a book on gratitude. She also found a class on coping skills where the instructor actually worked with energy to heal. Thus started the long and winding road to where we are now.

For the last 25 years, Harlyene has exposed herself to any modalities that resonated and/or she could afford. In the process, she cured herself of the chemical allergies and was able to return to her lab work.

In time, Harlyene started receiving messages from her guides. She was guided to a prayer that she modified and said every morning and evening for quite a while.  Here are the long and short versions of the prayer. Please modify and use for your highest good.

Long version - I AM completely OPEN to fulfilling my destiny. In so being, my work in the world becomes very fulfilling, very inspiring, very easily accomplished and very lucrative each and every day. For this, I am truly grateful to my G-d source, G-d self and all of the multi-dimensional aspects of my being, along with all my angels, guides, guardians and assistants and all beings, energies and entities that are working with me to help me step into my destiny. I am grateful for any and all help and assistance in smoothly releasing any and all doubts, fears and issues or anything that is less than my highest good. Archangel Michael, thank you and your guardians for all your protection from anyone and anything that may try to keep me from my work and destiny. I am truly grateful for all of the Universes help. Thank you. And so it is. Amen

Short version - I AM truly grateful to my G-d source, G-d self and all levels, dimensions and aspects of my being along with all my angels, guides, guardians and assistants, all my teams and the teams and beings, energies and entities for all the love, joy, guidance, support and protection they provide me. And so it is. Amen.

This prayer opened her up and had her getting clearer and clearer and changed her life completely.

Harlyene attributes that by consistently expressing her gratitude for the universe bringing only that which is in her highest good to being able to start and accomplish this whole new journey of bringing a Tachyon Chamber into northern New England to help people heal. Thus Dancing Heart Healing.

The name Dancing Heart comes from an energy exercise Harlyene was given at the beginning of her journey over 20 years ago. As she made it her own, she felt her heart dancing in joy.

tachyon group.png

Our Tachyon Living Chamber is unique due to the very high amounts of Tachyon saturation within the chamber.  Also, Tachyon Living Chambers are the only chambers on earth to connect to Source Love i.e. (Mother / Father God) for a field of the strongest protection and love energy added to the Tachyon Field.  


This is done for a protection to those who enter so that only the best and highest good can come for that person within a chamber. 


The Chamber has it’s own personal attendant from the 12th Dimension Ascension Experts. 

The Tachyon Chamber creates a permanent portal where the Tachyon streams from the 12th Dimension through the pyramid and crystal generators into the core of Mother Gaia (earth) through a permanent portal. 

A series of sacred geometries were formulated then added to the most cutting edge Michium technology, which comprises the use and variance of different alloys, elements and crystals, to bring about a Tachyon Chamber experience that many have described as an "Out of this World Experience".  There are layers and layers of templating to create the perfect environment for a Tachyon Chamber.  


Each Tachyon Guardian has mentoring from their spirit teams to teach them how to create and maintain a tachyon chamber environment.  Both earth humans and the star seeds are on a fast ascension path and need more and more exposure to the tachyon. We find that longer sessions in the Tachyon Chambers with higher saturation techniques are growing with the ascending star humans. 

Each Tachyon Living Chamber connects to Gaia and surges tachyon continually into the the ley lines bringing Tachyon deeply into the earth in that area. The Chambers link directly to the crystal core of Mother Gaia enhancing her abilities to ascend.  Each Tachyon Chamber built connects to all the other Chambers, forming a connective grid of light to the earth. 

Not all Tachyon Chambers are alike. Each Chamber Guardian comes from a different Spiritual Team of Mentors from various dimensions throughout the Universe. Each receives his/her own instruction from their Mentors as to how to "Create" this field.  Since there are many possibilities of how a Chamber may be initiated..... there will be slight differences in the looks and functioning of a Chamber. 

The Source Love addition to the Chambers enhances the Tachyon and the Tachyon enhances the Source Love Energy and healing.  It is such a beautiful  marriage when placed together for the highest experience in a Tachyon Chamber.

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